vadenuevo is an ecodesign project that's seeking to improve the use of resources. We start with used leather clothes that have been discarded due to damages or fashion trends. The idea is to make good use of second-hand materials, designing and putting together a new handbag from recycled leather. We create totally new, modern products while reducing the amount of waste.

The result: designer handbags with a totally different style than the ones currently available in the market; high quality leather handbags at a more affordable price than any other leather handbag. Designs are totally unique and can´t be imitated, as it is impossible to find two used leather pieces exactly alike.

Our main concept is that everything can be recycled. That’s why we also make purses, wallets, wristlets and even necklaces from leftover leather pieces. Thus we enhance the value of a piece of leather; we change its shape and we allow it to live a second life, rescueing the personality of leather that already lived once.

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