vadenuevo is a company of ecological design and we believe that every small step towards conservation counts, and that conscience can be transmitted. We also believe that little by little and one by one, we can achieve significant changes. Because of that, we have taken a serious commitment to the environment, we have done small efforts on behalf of to promote responsible consumption and to turn our products into an emblem of conservation.
How we do it? Beside selling ecological products, every purse we sell is wrapped inside a bag of fabric. We know that every bag of fabric that goes away, means less plastic bags spoiling the environment. On the other hand, with every sold purse, there is a code of preservation delivered to the client, which comes in the back of the keychain. This code implies the perpetual rescue of a square meter of tropical humid forest for the humanity. Activate your code here.
What's the importance of Tropical forest?
25% of all terrestrial carbon is stored in tropical forests, they also absorb 15% of all greenhouse gases that are generated.

Tropical forests are home for:
50% of world flora and fauna.
50% of the known vertebrates.
About 25% of the world population depends in some way or another from tropical forests water.

Our interest is to create an integrated alliance to magnify the benefits for our social welfare and environment. We are committed to improve our environment, and have a strong urge to participate our customers to this extraordinary commitment.
Be part of the change!

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